So a childhood friend of mine, of 45 years, has a daughter that grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, (which by the way I’m completely OK with. Had I had money to do the same with mine, I certainly would have). She wanted for nothing growing up. When in school, her father was very attentive with her academia & was able to help her with home work at the drop of a hat. This kid has smarts, so much so she would get board with school because it was so easy for her. As time went on she started hanging out with the wrong people. When on FB she types like she is black. She is now sitting in Spokane County jail for a nice 9 month stretch. I wrote this kid while she is in jail, while I’ve never been it has to lonely inside. This kid, (18 years old), came up with a plan to rob an acquaintance & in the process a man was shot. So i wrote the following letter;

Dear Kid,

I don’t exactly know how to start this letter. I have so many mixed emotions, with what you did, how much you really care about life, if at all. I have loved you since the day you were born, watched you grow up. So I’m no stranger outside looking in. Silver spoon in your mouth, never needing for nothing, smiling at daddy & batting eyelashes, watching Brian cave time after time after time. I tried to warn him, he may recall, but all you had to do was smile at him & say please. I’d just watch him melt like butter. You father is way smart, I noticed were too in school, he was right there to help with homework, and coincidentally, one he was one of the few parents who could understand it, remember it & be able to teach it. H, you got more potential & talent in your little finger, than most folks got in their entire body. You are so smart and have got mad untapped potential. You like to act black because you think its fun I guess. But you sound ridiculous when you do, and ignorant. You embraced the gangster lifestyle, trying to show off like a boss, so you got cred on the street. I heard you talking to your friends about your lockup, after you were in the first time and how you were this bad ass holding your own, when in reality, your mouth got someone pissed off at you, and you needed protective custody. So now you’re doing 90 in days in county lock up. Your Uncle Jerry, used to boast how he could do 90 days standing on his head. You ask him bout doing time now he sees life a little differently, not so full of himself & being a boss, at one point in his life he had spent more of his adult life behind bars than outside of them. Jerry impressed me on so many levels, as to what ever he put his mind to he accomplished with great ability, unless it was related to drugs. This is your chance kid to wake the fuck up & pull your head out of your ass and fly straight. There’s a different world in front of you and if you don’t start taking care of business: i.e.. getting college done. Figure out what interests you and go for it. Allow you passion to pave your way. If you do something you love, (that’s legal…lol), then it’s not really work. My Dad always said; “IF YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO, YOU’LL NEVER WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE” He was right. I certainly hope when you get out, that you try not to be that bad ass girl who got you dumb ass stuck in there in the first place, and you 100% have no idea what REAL TIME is like, and you don’t want to find out. I’ve said my peace, & I’ll say no more, you serve your time, in my book, you paid your debt. You have a second chance, don’t blow it. While you’re in there see about any program that will allow you to map out a future for yourself, then break it down into manageable pieces, take them on one by one. Getting into college & getting education, Work Source has some great programs. You’re so talented, the world is your oyster. Hey maybe this will alleviate some of the boredom, I am also including some fun little story’s & snippets from when you were younger. You may remember them.

Anyway, love you so much, take care, make wise choices.

Love always

I have not heard back & really don’t expect to. this mentality today is stretches the imagination. I can only assume she did not like to hear the naked truth & therefore could care less about communication with me due to my verbal thrashing.

I take great pause in the way our government views these kids as sheople that need taking care of. The more chaos spreads the quicker martial law sets in. Next is the guns……..Take great pause America, because before long, the only thing left will be is the spelling of once was a great nation. Until next time…..


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