Will they ever learn? 
My daughter, that I claim from my second marriage is by far the most blind child on the planet.  She has eyes and yet she can’t see.   My daughter approached me and asked me if I would help her get a car. I told her I wouldn’t mind but knowing how flighty she is , we agreed that I would hold money. In that agreement we also agreed the purchase of this car would be my way or the highway. If I was going to spend my time and energy on putting her into a car then we were going to do it right. by that I mean no backyard mechanic Bravo Sierra. I had figured $3000.00 would buy her a nice car dependable point A to point B.  She said she didn’t want to wait that long to save that much money.
So we agreed on $2000.00.  I told her I couldn’t make any guarantees but I would see what I could do. I found a car at auction over in Tumwater, WA.  This was a State car used by th Dept of Corrections.   State vehicles are serviced on a regular basis with they need it or not.
So I win the auction for a 1994 Ford Escort Wagon.   For starters the car is admittedly 20 years old.  I knew there were to be a few repairs.
When the State retires a vehicle it’s mostly to do the mileage.  End up winning the auction at $1250.00, fuel over & back, tow dolly….etc
Take it to the mechanic, needs bout $1000.00.  But he says still not a bad buy.  With everything completed we’d have 150,000 mile car.  The mechanic could tell that the State replaced a lot of stuff as well.  Front end is real tight, great shape.  So I tell the kid that we are going to but on Les Schwab tires.  Whining about money begins.   I told the kid do it right the first time.  Whine,  whine whine. I’m on a budget she yells.   Must have dropped her when she was little. So I tell her we’re going to Seattle to get your car I’ve only got 2 days off during the week. She’s in school and doesn’t work. She proceeds to tell me what jives with her schedule.
I’m like hey this is not a convenience deal. The car has to be picked up in a couple of days. So a friend of mine, my daughter has never met and doesn’t know, volunteers his time to go to Seattle with me. Took time off work to help make this happen. That instead of all my god daddy I love you so much thank you for everything you’ve done. I get somebody bitching at me about prices of tires, oh my God what a selfish little girl


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