I watch and see the line’s of sheeple waiting to get their shots at the pharmacy.  
I see the sales of antibiotics in abundance.  I see antibacterial soaps & rinses selling by the buckets.  

I’m here to tell you that it’s all Bravo Sierra.   Hot water & regular hand bar soap.  It’s all you need.
The government wants you weak and sick,  because then you’re dependent on them for help.

Did you know when you have a fever of 102 or lower, (kids & babies), 104 for adults, This is ok as long as it doesn’t go for more than 12 hours.   What is happening is the body is burning out all the foul iniquities  from your body.  It’s a good idea to let the body heal itself. 

When your sick,  eat two fresh cut cloves of raw garlic. General way is to crush the clove with the flat blade of a chefs knife.  Pile on teaspoon, cover with honey, follow with hot herbal tea.  Do this twice a day. 

I have also found the product  called “emergen•C”
This has great vitamins, b12, 1000mg C…etc.. 

You have to allow the body to heal on its own before going to the doctor’s.  Not only is a doctor not going to prescribe anything for a virus, if any medication is used at all, it’s  available over the counter.  Most of these medications will only mask the symptoms,  giving you the appearance of a road to recovery. The length of time for recovery will vary.  This is depending on how strong your immune system is.   In all reality the body heales


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